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Mirage from CS:GO to CS 1.6

As i posted on facebook page, Mirage from CS:GO is under construction for CS 1.6, my time was limited for maps,
but right now i’m free and the work will continue soon for mirage. Stay close and don’t forget to follow me for last news!

awp_vietnam from CS:GO for CS 1.6

A good loking map, awp_vietnam from CS:GO will come in CS 1.6, not like the original one, but an remake after it.
Vietnam is remake after awp_india, but a little more big. Coming soon!


css_dust2winter_go is the 3th map release from Dust2 CSGO Version, this new one bring new trees with winter ambient, also i removed domes models, and added new trees instead, enjoy this new one remake!


New map remake after first Nuke release in CS:GO

* Big vents
* B outside connector for ts advantage
* Improved lights
* Bomb sites in first Nuke CS:GO style
* Advantage for ts getting the B ramps
* Improved map graphic


New remake after css_dust2 more with palms and some small updates like in CS: Source

Download now from Counter-Strike Maps Page!

css_cbble #update 1

Just fixed missing wall on middle zone.
Now is fine, and tested, you can play with no worries 🙂


New map css_train_winter

Can be downloaded from Counter-Strike maps page.

Have fun!

css_assault2 [WIP]

Yes a new remake of css_assault almost done.
Map will be more short, more options for CT’s, and will be night time!

Stay close!

Download Now

CSS Maps extends !

The Franchise i created CSS maps, getting more servers using my css maps.

The GameTracker show over 100 servers using css maps at the same time.

css_cache 1.2

– Fixed mid vent size
– Added crates boost on mid container
– Added crates boost outside container
– Added vent for jump on mid crates
– Added big crate for CT watch on mid
– Reduce the bomb platform height size on B
– Reduce crates on bomb site B
– Added new crates for taking A
– More width for crates in A corner
– Some doors is now more open
– Added CSS_MAPS on mid
– Added crates boost for vent
– One shoot for all windows on B